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Caucasian Konagkend Kuba Shirvan Rug


Size: 4’x5’4″ / 122x163cm


Origin: Caucasian rug, South Caucasus, North West Azerbaijan

Condition: Excellent, full pile, no repairs

Weaving technique: pile rug, hand knotted

Handmade: Yes

Pile height: ~7-8mm

Knots Material: 100% Handspun woolen yarns

Wefts material: wool

Warps material: wool

Colors: vegetable dyes


Estimated delivery times:

USA and Canada : 10-22 days

Europe : 15-30 ( mostly depends on your country customs)

Japan and Singapore : 10-16 days

These are average delivery times, sometimes the parcel may be delayed, mainly due to long processing at the customs of the recipient’s country (mainly in Europe).


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